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Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process in which a qualified and impartial third party (Mediator) helps people in a conflict/dispute to voluntarily reach their own mutually acceptable settlement agreement via direct dialogue.

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PROVIDES a non-adversarial setting for direct communication and the opportunity for change.

ALLOWS parties to explore realistic and workable options in a peaceful and non-threatening atmosphere.

PROMOTES a unique problem-solving process with a 'win-win' outcome scenario via collaboration.

ENCOURAGES moving out of the past and into the future with new insights and refreshed outlooks.

REPLACES traditional adversarial mind-sets with common sense 'good faith'  

negotiations, i.e., not holding to fixed positions in the interest of resolution. 

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MEDIATION IS confidential, non-threatening, peaceful and time & cost efficient! Typical session duration is 2 - 3 hours, but varies, depending on the nature and complexity.

MEDIATION IS NOT always appropriate. Prior threats, abuse or criminal activity will disqualify participation.

MEDIATION WILL enhance communication and mutual understanding of respective issues and interests, especially beneficial with on-going relationships!

MEDIATOR WILL NOT take sides, pass judgment or impose decisions on the parties.

MEDIATED AGREEMENTS are written in parties' own words, are lawfully binding* and tend to be long-lasting. By agreement, any proposed settlements may be reviewed by legal counsel prior to signing.

* As long as nothing illegal has been agreed upon between parties with sound minds and without duress, courts favorably allow mediated settlements to be binding on the parties.

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*Divorce Issues, Parenting Plans, Property Settlement
*Family Conflict, Parent-Teen, Marital, Estate Matters
*Workplace/Employment Disputes
*Business & Organizational Disputes
*Neighborhood, HOA & Real Estate Issues
*Landlord-Tenant Disputes
*Consumer Complaints/Small Claims
*Other Conflicts/Disputes


A Bit About Me


As a past farmer, teacher, counselor, realtor and continuing Mediator, I have found my true passion by helping others any way I can. For nearly 30 years now, Mediation work has provided a means to that end, enabling me to utilize my counseling background in developing my own unique mediation style. First certified as a Mediator Practitioner in 1995, then WMA Certification in 2001 and now semi-retired, living the dream in Manson at beautiful Lake Chelan!


From "Interest-Based Negotiations" to "Transformative Mediation", I adapt my style to the nature and venue of the dispute. I have enjoyed an average settlement rate of around 90%* and with 'good faith' efforts on both sides, I like to think of my service as 'time & cost efficient court avoidance'! Rewards are many as I'm able to play a key role in conflict resolution and especially in helping to preserve relationships!


I'm proud to be serving folks in the Lake Chelan Valley with convenient office locations in both Chelan & Manson. It all starts with a phone call or response from this site to get any initial questions answered and clarifying eligibility for mediation, then brief phone intakes from both parties, discussing quick & confidential snapshots of each party's position, fee structure, office locations and mutually agreeable appointment time(s).


*Even when not settling, when the parties are there in "good faith", there's a virtual 100% mutual benefit from additional insights gained. 


Jerry D. Smith, M.Ed.

Mediation & Conciliation



"Conflict is inevitable, but it can't survive without your participation. When viewed as an opportunity for change, you can take the high road*. It doesn't have to be 'fight or flight'...... collaborate and foster a 'win-win' outcome scenario.  Don't let a festering conflict jeopardize a relationship, whether  family, neighborhood, workplace or business......Help is here!"


* "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."


Mark Twain


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Please contact me below for qualifications for mediation, fee structure, office location(s),  or just general questions. Ask about any current promos! It all starts with your initial contact to see if this service may fit your circumstances, then private & confidential intakes on the phone with both parties and finally scheduling a mutually agreeable time & office preference to meet.

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